Monday, May 31, 2010

Video! This was not easy...

Took some high def video of the resort, but uploading it on the slow internet connect was like fueling up a Hummer through a drinking straw (I've tried on and off for a couple of days). Will post more clips later but will convert to lower definition.

If you have a high bandwidth connection, consider navigating to Youtube (click the YouTube image at the bottom of the player above) and watching it in 1080p full screen (see the controls at the bottom of the Youtube video player).


  1. great job .... and what about outside the resort ? have u some information about some place to visit ? Thanks for every information u r incredible !!!!

  2. Thanks for all your great posts on this new hotel. I'm not surprised that you are getting so many hits. I'm hoping to go to this hotel in September,and have been watching reviews avidly before actually booking. It does make me wonder if it will be more expensive next year, although that will make it over priced for a Mitsis hotel (I have been to a few). Keep the posts coming, but hope that you are enjoying your holiday.

  3. hi

    have been checking out your blog everyday, its great.
    we go on tuesday, three familys of us and your blog has got me all excited!!! looks fab
    I will be in trouble if its not as i'm a travel agent and booked it all myself!!
    anyway fingers crossed all go's well and thanks xx

  4. like this hotel)
    i were there from 21.05.10 to 04.06.10.
    It was amazing)