Monday, May 31, 2010

Eating Tips…

For more information on eating at Blue Domes, see my previous post. IMG_1318 (1280x853)

Thought I’d condense our hard won wisdom into this post.

  • Get to the restaurants near the beach when they open  if you want a table virtually guaranteed (12:45 for lunch, 6:45 for dinner)
  • Get to the main building for breakfast before 8:30 if you’d like a good chance to sit on the (beautiful) veranda. The view and fresh air are spectacular. Go around 9:00 if you like waiting in line to be seated and big crowds.
  • Take something with you to breakfast (like a backpack or bag) to mark your territory. Today I saw a couple’s table cleared and given to another family while they were getting more food!
  • In the restaurants, I order 2 beers at a time (tacky I know, but I’m a major consumer of beer). Unfortunately, service, even at its best, is relatively slow. The waitresses seem to actually appreciate this.
  • Be nice to the wait staff! They are a bit overwhelmed and the hardest working folks at the resort. A few kind words and a little patience can get you some special treatment later.
  • If you want crêpes at the creperie (a great place to get a bite from morning till night), sit down an wait for the wait staff to take your order. They seem to hate it when people try to order at the counter.
  • Be prepared to assert yourself. In a resort with so many guests and so many language barriers, people get downright aggressive sometimes. Please don’t be one of those people.
  • The sushi place in the middle of the resort rarely fills up
  • Most of the frustration I’ve seen, particularly at the theme restaurants is the results of large groups of people wanting to sit together. I understand why folks want to eat with those they travelled with, but these restaurants are not particularly well suited to handle large groups. Keep that in mind.IMG_1329 (1024x683)IMG_1331 (683x1024)

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