Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mackin’ at the Blue Domes…

Although I’ve been married over a decade and came to Blue Domes with my wife and kids, I vaguely remember years gone by when the likelihood of meeting exotic women was the primary motivator for my choice of travel destinations. Alas, Blue Domes is probably not a target-rich environment for the young crowd (under 30) with visions of wild nights dancing in their heads. blue domes night_1417 Panorama (1024x270) IMG_1427 (1024x683)IMG_1412 (1024x683) IMG_1413 (1024x683) In general, I would guess that the average age of folks at this resort is a little over 40. As the little woman was feeling under the weather tonight, I made it to the bar in the main building after 23:00 alone. I would say the average age of the patrons there was closer to 50 (excluding the numerous kids that clearly were ready to hit the hay).IMG_1408 (1024x683)IMG_1410 (1024x683)The bar in the main building is really nice. Every night there is live (very tame) music, which we could hear from our room (we stayed in 378, see map here).IMG_3290 (1024x683) All that having been said, I’ve seen a few singles that seemed eager to mingle,  but just a few. Consider this a heads-up from an old fart to the next generation (or two) that is planning a trip to this wonderful part of the world.

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