Thursday, May 27, 2010

First lunch…

We just had our first lunch here. My wife and kids ate at the cluster of 6 small eateries near the center of the property. The kids had Burger King; the wife sushi. All seemed satisfied. I went up to the main building and had the lunch buffet/grill. Not spectacular, but solid. Service was fast and polite all around (although the kids had to wait a bit at BK).

Snapped a few more shots (I’m probably going overboard but I wanted visuals desperately before we got here).

Here are a couple of the main dining hall (taken HDR style).main restaurant view_0980 (1280x853) dining room_0990 (1280x853) And a few panoramas…pool panorama_0874 Panorama (1280x381) resort panorama from main restaurant_0964 Panorama (1280x386) resort panorama from main restaurant_0970 Panorama (1280x516)Not sure if it comes across in the pictures (I’m looking at them on my crappy laptop monitor), but this place is extraordinary!

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