Saturday, May 29, 2010

That’s entertainment…

It turns out Blue Domes is a pretty entertaining place. During the day, the animation team keeps adults and kids occupied with various games, both on the beach and in the kiddy area. kiddie land kos_1305 Panorama (1280x295)IMG_1312 (1280x826)Our kids loved the carousel, which runs until 21 or 22:00.IMG_3286 (1024x682) In the main building, there’s a game room that you must pay for. Most of the time, it feels like a sauna!IMG_3300 (1280x853)On the beach, there are volley ball games (low key), darts and a bacce ball-like game, all hosted by the young, frenetic entertainment staff.

At night, folks congregate in the main building for drinks in a good size bar area on the first floor (there’s a smaller bar upstairs, on the same level as the reception desk). IMG_1414 (1024x682) There’s a show in the evening that starts at 21:00 with “mini disco”, music and dancing for the little ones. At around 21:30, the family show begins, with the young adults from the animation team dancing and singing. They get an A for effort (American education system’s highest rating),  but I must admit it’s not my personal cup of tea.IMG_1685 (1024x683) Anyway, it’s takes some perseverance to get drinks in the bars, but the price is right. We haven’t ventured from the resort yet, but when we were coming in from the airport there seemed to be plenty going on in the city. We’ll probably head out tomorrow night. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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