Friday, May 28, 2010

Eating at Blue Domes…

As far as I can tell, there are 11 places to eat at Blue Domes. Breakfast lunch and dinner are served buffet style in the main building (see the post on breakfast for more info). Toward the middle of the resort, there are 6 small restaurants where one can grab a bite at lunch time, including a Burger King and Sushi place. One of these small places serves crepes from morning until 2:00 AM (this place also has great ice cream).

Right off the beach, there are four restaurants side by side (essentially in the same building). There’s Italian, Greek, Mexican and Asian. Overall, these places are OK but are a bit understaffed (2 wait staff or 20 or so tables), so patience is a virtue while dining there. Our experience so far is that the food is good, better than one would expect from an average all-inclusive. Not sure I would give it 5 stars though.

Note: Men are expected to wear long pants at dinner; jeans are fine. I’ve seen many families dressed up and others, like ours, much more casual. Men, be sure to bring long pants!

At both lunch and dinner, we’ve found it beneficial to arrive right when they open for a meal. 10 minutes later, you’ll almost certainly have to wait a non-trivial amount of time for a table.IMG_1337 (1280x853)IMG_1336 (1280x853)Here’s a rundown of the meals we’ve had so far restaurant-wise:

  • Dinner at the Mexican: Good food. I had a chicken dish and the rest of the family had fajitas.
  • Lunch at the Greek place: We had gyros and good salads.
  • Dinner at the Italian place: good pasta and pizza. We arrived soon after they opened and noticed many people who arrived later were left gazing into the sun before it started to set behind the mountains.
  • Lunch at the Italian place: We were served quickly. The menu is the same as at dinner. The tagliatelle with mushroom and the carbonara are quite good. I also like the Capri salad.
IMG_1318 (1280x853)IMG_1320 (1280x853)IMG_1319 (1280x853)

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