Monday, May 31, 2010

Late evening at the beach…

A couple of days ago I headed down to the beach after dinner to rest my head. I threw on a pair of headphones (Dark Side of the Moon) and smoked a couple of cigars (Romeo and Juliet). The beach is very peaceful at night (almost deserted) and quite beautiful in my opinion.IMG_1348 (1024x683) IMG_1349 (1024x683) Had our progeny not made the trip, it would have been a great opportunity to open a bottle of wine with the wife and watch the mountains fade into the darkness. The sun descends over the mountains “behind” the resort so the sunset is not particularly spectacular.IMG_1350 (1024x683) Here’s a shot back toward the restaurants.IMG_1355 (1024x683) Below, you see a Mitsis sister property lit up beautifully.IMG_1362 (1024x683)

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