Thursday, May 27, 2010

The journey begins…

Some time in late 2009 our family decided to take a gamble by booking a 10 day vacation at Mitsis Blue Domes resort in Kos, Greece. Although a 5 Star resort, it was opening just a few weeks before we got there.

Well, we arrived on May 26th. I’ve created this blog to share our experiences (in near real time) with other families who have taken the same gamble and are interested what the resort is really like. I hope it helps!

Here’s the view from our “back porch”. More on the way!view from room_0761 Panorama (1280x500)By the way, I’m an American married to a Brazilian living in Germany with our 3 kids. Take that into account while digesting my observations with a recommended grain of salt.


  1. Hi ,
    Really impressed with your blog! Pictures are great . Myself,my wife,our 2 boys & their aunty & uncle are having a 2 week vacation at the Blue Domes mid July.
    Do you have any information about the organised daytime & evening entertainment?
    Thanks ,

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Have a look at the posts on entertainment (which I added after you posted your question).

  3. I agree...fantastic blog...and photos!!!We are due to go to Blue domes early next month.Can I just ask you a couple of questions please?
    We both like greek food and will probably go to the greek restaurant most we need to book or is it fairly easy to get a table? We intend doing a few trips and maybe hiring a car....can you get a packed lunch to take with you if you go out for the day?
    Many thanks in anticipation...and enjoy the rest of your hols ..Kate Williams

  4. Hi, love your blog, can u tell me if the tennis court is up and running?

  5. Hi Kate,
    You can't reserve tables at the "ethnic" restaurants by the beach. Best bet is to get there when they open (12:45 for lunch and 6:45 for dinner). Within 10 minutes or so, they are full and you can easily wait 30 minutes only to have someone else grab "your" table while you're distracted.

    I read in the travelAdvisor forum from someone who stayed here that you can get a packed lunch, although we haven't done it.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Will ask about the tennis courts next time I make it up to reception.