Thursday, May 27, 2010

The beach…

Soon after breakfast (which I’ll post about tomorrow after I take some pictures), we headed directly to the beach. There’s a terraced “river” of pools leading down to the Blue Dome’s pebble beach. It takes maybe 3 minutes to walk there from our room, which is fairly close to the reception building.

beachhut  panorama_0862 Panorama (1280x499)IMG_0784 (1280x853)IMG_0785 (1280x853)IMG_0786 (1280x853)The beach here is small pebbles, with rocks mixed in – no sand whatsoever. I find it most uncomfortable to walk on, even when it’s not blistering hot (a state it reaches at about 9:30 in the morning). We bought slipper-like beach shoes for the kids and we wore flip-flops. I would strongly recommend the former for everyone! IMG_1103 (1280x853) There are plenty of chaise lounges situated beneath small reed parasols. Folks head to the beach in droves starting at around 9:15. If you’d like some shade close to the water, get there early.IMG_1943 (1024x683) IMG_1954 (1024x682) IMG_0787 (1280x853)The water is crystal clear and cold!IMG_1819 (683x1024)The shot below was taken in waste-deep water. Pretty clear, no? IMG_1817 (1024x683)

This being our first day, I didn’t want to be in the sun during peak hours, so we only stayed a few hours. We spent the afternoon at the pool(s). More on them later.IMG_0788 (853x1280)There’s a small bar at the beach that serves beer, soft drinks and even cocktails. The wait us usually no more than 5 minutes or so.

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