Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shopping in Mitsis City

Hannah, of the animation team, told me today that the locals refer to the cluster of Mitsis hotels here as “Mitsis City”. I haven’t really looked for shopping opportunities, but not too many of these get by the Mrs.

Across the street from the entrance of Blue Domes is a cluster of small shops. The convenience store has most of the stuff you would expect: cold drinks; snacks; toiletries and some stuff you might not, like top shelf liquor at reasonable prices. They also have beach toys, flip flops etc.IMG_3309   There is also a jewelry store and a fur store.IMG_3307IMG_3308 My wife pried a few Euros out of me yesterday to buy a necklace (a two-sided Turkish eye made of {tiny!} diamonds and sapphires) and a bracelet. The owner of the store and his son couldn’t have been nicer.IMG_2882 (1024x684) IMG_2888 (1024x683) Copy of IMG_2886 (683x1024) By the way, I realize men all over the world are cursing me for mentioning this, but why should I suffer alone? (The picture is mainly for the women in my wife’s family, all admitted jewelry addicts).

Just behind the kiddy “Wonder Land”, you’ll find the entrance to another Mitsis hotel and a super market, that is packed with all kinds of stuff, including simple souvenirs.IMG_3220 (1024x683) However, both my wife and I have noticed a distinct lack of desire to leave the resort. Walking through the other hotel reminded me of how lucky we are to be staying in this one.

The upshot is that within a minute or two of the resort grounds, you can buy just about any of the practical things you might have forgotten or that you run out of while here. I think there’s even a church.IMG_3227 (1024x683)

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