Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Picture of Blue Domes…

Out of hundreds…IMG_3288 (1280x853)


  1. That is a fab picture, just hope my other half manages to get some like that when we go in September

  2. Dear Customer,
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  3. This is an absolutely fantastic blog which I have totally enjoyed reading, the pictures are absolutely fabulous and will definitely take notice of your tips. Like you we intend to make the most of every minute of it (& not moan for England like some people!). Thanks for taking the time to do it anyway, we are going on 23rd Sepetember so looking forward to it even more now :-) xx Sue

  4. what a amazing blog, i have done so much reserch on this hotel and thousands of other hotels in greece im looking to get married in 2012 and this is the hotel and your blog sealed it for me, does anyone know if blue domes do weddings i have more than 50 people attending my wedding please help i really want to get married at this hotel thanks claire xx