Friday, June 4, 2010

Rude Ruskies? Jerky Germans?

As we were researching the resort prior to getting here, we read plenty of accounts of people observing poor behavior from folks, often identifying them by their nationality. As I’ve been known to have a short fuse from time to time, getting into a confrontation over the type of behavior I read about was one of my biggest personal concerns. After spending 10 days here, I can share our experience: We didn’t see any over-the-top acts of complete rudeness or aggression. We did see some of the embarrassing behavior one can expect almost any time several hundred people congregate, especially people from different cultures.
A few tips/observations that will be obvious to the well-mannered among us and utterly lost on some:
  • Don’t “hover” over people who are eating (especially in the theme restaurants) while waiting for a table
  • Don’t allow your kids to run berserk during the evening performances
  • Don’t stand up and walk out of the evening performance while someone is on stage performing
  • Wait in line for a table on the patio at breakfast time. As hard as it is for some to believe, none of us is more important than the others
  • When you approach a bar, take note of people that were in line before you and defer to them before ordering your drinks
  • Don’t “reserve” a lounge chair by leaving your towel on it for hours during prime pool time (and try to use as few as possible as these chairs are scarce)
  • Treat resort employees with respect, e.g., people at the front desk, restaurant wait staff. They are working extremely hard under trying conditions that they don’t necessarily control.


  1. Hello!
    I have been following for days with great enthusiasm to your blog. We fly, unfortunately only in August to the Blue Dome and have booked with a known family two family rooms.
    Would it be possible that you set your blog a hotel plan, provided there is a site plan for this complex?
    That would be super sweet.
    Greetings from Bavaria

  2. Tout grand merci pour votre blog, nous partons très bientôt dans cet hôtel nous aussi. Aurore-Belgique

  3. Just a quick thing . . . we just got back a couple of weeks ago. Some changes were made re. The restaurant . . . they now escort you to a table. So no more hovering over people.

    some people of certain nationalities, you know who you are, still reserve their places on the beach, go away for lunch, leave the towels there and come back two hours later to find their things still there, unless ofcourse I saw them ha ha ha . . .towels promptly returned to the towel keeper !!!

    As for staff . . . most were really good, especially with our two kids . . . restaurant, bar and kinder spiel staff BUT the gentlemen on reception were condescending, made you feel like you should be honoured to stay at the hotel!

    The hotel also tells of its build quality, after its second summer . . . it's fraying around the edges. Mosaic tiles falling off in the pool, the paving stones chipping away etc. the mould building up in the shower. Now if this was Faulty Towers, yes, all well and done but a hotel that bills itself as 5*+, doesn't quite make the grade. Believe me, I have literally lived in hotels for over five years and been in no star to all stars, so I’ve seen the range, worldwide.

    Oh, by the way, if you're a bit of a gambler, at the end of season, book the hotel next door for less and get a FREE upgrade to this hotel. Yes, so we had English t-shirt, tattoo toting shaven head guests. Read into that what you will. All I can say is a lot of guests who paid top whack, way in advance didn't get their 5*+ experience!

    I guess when this blog was written, the hotel was new, pristine and staff full of enthusiasm. Two seasons, later and the penultimate week of the closing season, it showed its wear and tear- building, staff, food, drinks, entertainment, quality of guests . . . don't get me wrong, overall we liked it, it served its purpose.