Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leaving the bubble…

Today we decided to venture out to the nearby city of Kardamena. You can catch a bus right outside the hotel, but a taxi is only 9€ (the bus, which stops at a bunch of other hotels, would have only saved us 1€ as there are 5 of us). IMG_2565 (1024x683)IMG_2567 (1024x683)IMG_2591 (1024x683)IMG_2626 (1024x683) We walked around a bit and found mostly small shops selling souvenirs and tons of small bars that hadn’t opened yet. The city has a nice harbor with charming fishing boats. There are also a lot of excursions that leave from there. We seriously considered doing one Friday, but decided we’re enjoying the resort so much we’ll stay put. The consensus seems to be that Kardamena is quaint, but the city of Kos is where the action is. You can also take a bus. A taxi runs around 35 € one way.IMG_2623 (1024x683)IMG_2569 (1024x683)IMG_2577 (1024x683)kardamena harbor_2595 (1024x313)kardamena harbor_2592 Panorama (1280x357)

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